The End of One Hell of a Journey

Gonna play tape-operator on the past 13 years of my life AKA my career in the music business.        


So I've spent a better part of the morning/afternoon listening to some of the music that inspired me to enter the music business.  I love all music but hip-hop is what really clenched my heart and wouldn't let go.  Now I was never musically inclined, well I just didn't practice enough.  After 15 minutes I would get frustrated and either close the piano or throw the trombone back in the case.  That being said: I did have technical chops, not to mention a decent ear.  Starting with small home stereos, then moving on to on to small car stereos eventually each one getting larger and louder after the next.  My friends and I would skip school to be at the record store on Tuesday (new release day) to purchase the newest releases then take them home to blast on the stereo.  Well, the culmination of both passions met when I first saw an SP-1200, mixing board, turntable and mixer.  What?!  This sounds like what's on the radio!!!  We can do this too!!  How does it work???  Hanging with the local rap crew changed my perspective on everything.  We could start a label like all the little indies we liked.  One could rap, another could be the producer,  and I could handle all the technical stuff like those guys in the studio.  Being behind the scenes would be perfect for my personality and I could help run things.  I love this!                                             

<Fast Forward>

Well 13 years later and I have absolutely no passion left for music or this industry.  I did try.  Other than here and there though, music hasn't been enjoyable to me for years.  The labels and associations are as clueless as ever and I can't really stand it!  They are all in a constant pissing match with themselves or anyone who enters trying to do something different, suing first, asking questions later.  I have my own opinions on how things should be but they are just that.  That being said this is my last day in the music business.  The passed 13 years have been hell of a journey.  I set out on a dream and came close but like my dad says "close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades."  Needless to say I had some great experiences and had the privilege to work some VERY talented artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and people.  Some of whom I looked up to before working with, some of which I looked up to afterwards.  Today this dream is over with I begin anew.  Monday I begin a career in another passion of mine, the bicycle.  In the meantime I'll be learning code, home brewing, and working towards starting a family and just growing.  Since I've started writing this I've been listening to music.  Haven't done that in a long while.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven't found it yet, keep looking.  Don't settle.  As with all matters of the hearts, you'll know when you find it. "  Steve Jobs